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The Guard

The Imperial Guard are the most numerous of Mankind’s defenders, the untold trillions who sacrifice their lives every day so the Imperium might continue. Their physical and technological inferiority rendered moot by their raw numbers, slowly grinding the strongest enemy to powder under the inexorable tide of their innumerable tanks. The life of a Guardsman is harsh, brutal, and almost inevitably fatal, but they are expected to perform their duties unto death, such is their mission from the God-Emperor.

The Imperium

An empire of a million worlds, numbering an incalculable amount of citizens, the Imperium is the largest single organization in the galaxy. It is through the Imperium that Humanity has managed to lay claim to galactic dominance. From all sides the Imperium is beset, from without, xenos forces seek to supplant the Imperium as master’s of the galaxy, and from within, the sinister agents of the Ruinous Powers seek nothing but conflict and strife as they always have. While many worlds of the Imperium have little in common with each other, faith in the Emperor keeps them united.

The Emperor

The God-Emperor of Humanity, the Master of Mankind, The Corpse-God of the Imperium…

Main Page

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