Cadian 159th

The Cadian 159th Mechanized Infantry

Raised centuries ago, the regiment was featured in a string of minor campaigns all across Segmentum Obscurus. A satisfactory, if relatively uneventful, record was forever changed when Abbadon the Despoiler launched his 13th Black Crusade. In the aftermath of the brutal ground fighting, the regiment was considerably reduced in strength.

With the ground battle finished for the time being, the 159th was reassigned to the battle group of Warmaster Kurstis Ferrum, placed under tactical usage of Lord General Sarvus Hertiman. The hope was that engagements of lesser strategic value and less demanding conflicts would give the administratum the time necessary to rebuild and reinforce the regiment.

Colonel Ignace Kilian is the current leader of the 159th, a dutiful, if a bit inflexible man, who pushes the importance of discipline and measured action in combat.

Lambda Squad consists of:

Jacob Jagr-Kasrkin Veteran

Zdeno Carson-Heavy Weapon expert

Martin Lucic-Designated Marksman

Timothy “Tim” Krug-Combat Medic

Darius Krejci-Vehicle Operator

Peter Bergeron-Squad Sergeant

Bennett Marchand-Priest

Cadian 159th

Cadian 159 Arathos